The majority of the trouser’s history is suffocating of blandness. Pants have served what most would consider the very important purpose of covering people’s “valuables.” For most parts of the world, and through most eras of our history, this was the extent of their usefulness. It would take a time of plenty and a culture of decadence to unleash the garish pant into the world. Enter, the disco era. Thanks to nightclubs, psychedelic drugs, sexual freedom and some really bad music, pants had a chance to show their best worst face to the world for the first time.

After disco, the 1980s proudly boasted some pretty gross pants of their own. There were so many different styles that were projected in the ’80s, and most of them were a result of a garish result of a good economy and flashy¬†influences. Did I mention that John Daly went pro in the ’80s?